Mark of Shadow

Mark of Shadow

The Mark of Shadow grants powers of burglary and stealth, as well as powers of deception.

Virtue: Secrecy
Vice: Greed

One of the most surprising and devastating effects of the Last War was the schism of the family that carries the Mark of Shadow. House Phiarlan, an elf family of ancient lineage, carried the Mark of Shadow for millennia before the Last War and was known as an information clearinghouse. During the war, however, the mission of the house turned its members against each other, eventually resulting in the formation of a new house—House Thuranni.

The two houses continue their ancient work of espionage, surveillance, and similar intelligence-gathering activities, while outwardly pursuing mercantile activities based on entertainment and artisan endeavors. House Phiarlan’s Entertainers and Artisans Guild is based in Breland, and its spies work for (or sell information to) Thrane, Aundair, and Breland. House Thuranni, based in the Lhazaar Principalities (but with an enclave in Breland), controls the Shadow Network. Its members perform their spying activities on behalf of the Lhazaar princelings, Karrnath, Droaam, Q’barra, and even the Order of the Emerald Claw.

Depending on the time and place, the Mark of Shadow is either a roguish trickster or an ominous threat, and both views have some truth to them. The Mark of Shadow encompasses needful things best left unspoken. The place for such things is always uncertain, and unwelcome until the day they are needed, when their welcome is deep indeed.

Lesser and Greater Manifestations: Burglary, Deceive, or Stealth.

The Accounting of Small Things (Lesser): Once you have successfully stolen something small enough to fit in a pocket, it is gone until you choose to reveal it again. No amount of searching—or even stripping—will reveal the purloined item. You may only have one such item at a time hidden in this fashion.

The Supplication of Locks (Greater): You need only whisper your name into a lock to attempt to pick it, as if using a full set of tools. If successful, the attempt takes only a moment. If unsuccessful, you may try again the old-fashioned way.

Corroboration of Coincidence (Lesser): Fate favors your lies with minor coincidences and circumstantial evidence that seem to lend them credence. You may apply a boost to the scene before you roll Deceive, so long as you can describe how it helps you look more honest. If successful, the boost turns into an aspect on the scene.

The Name Is a Mask to the World (Greater): Any time after you hear someone’s name from their own lips, you may duplicate their face, voice, and manner until the sun has risen twice. You may never mimic the same person twice.

Only the Wind Will See Me Go (Lesser): At the cost of a fate point, you may exit a scene, passing from sight.

Stealing Words from the Wind (Greater): You make no noise you do not wish to be heard. Not only does this allow you to move in absolute silence, but you can also use it selectively, such as speaking so only one person can hear you.

Mark of Shadow

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