Nomadic Druid of Riverwood, Devoted Protector of the Natural Plane


High Concept
Devoted Gatekeeper of the Riverwood

Your “rules” will not get between me and my goal.

1. I must protect this plane from the Outside at all costs.
2. “In touch” with my primal side
3. The forest bends to my will… and I to it’s.

Great – Magic (Druidic – Primal)
Good – Stealth, Fight (Spear & Animal form)
Fair – Physique, Athletics, Notice
Average – Deceive, Will, Investigate, Crafts

Alpha Wolf: I can use my physique in place of provoke or rapport when attempting to bend animals to my will.
Resourceful! … in a backwoods kind of way…: I always have just the anesthetic mushroom powder/live cricket/vase of ash-like dirt for the job.
One with my spear: I can use fight instead of shoot to make a ranged attack while wielding my spear


Twigg was born into a small wandering tribe of Wood Elves consisting of only a few families. The tribe was nomadic, migrating with the seasons, but rarely venturing out of the Riverwood. Throughout his childhood, Twigg learned the ways of the forest, hunting, gathering, avoiding sight from outsiders. Like all elven children, he also learned how to effectively wield the sword and bow, although of course he was forbidden from owning his own weaponry until he declared adulthood. His father, Aldmar Galanodel, held a prominent position in the tribal council, and it was expected that as an adult Twigg would take his father’s place in leadership of the tribe.

However, shortly before Twigg’s coming of age ceremony in which he would select his adult name and take his place among the tribe’s warriors, they were attacked by a larger rival tribe of wood elves, and, caught unprepared for an assault, were slaughtered. Twigg barely escaped with his life.

Nameless, tribeless, and without weaponry, Twigg wandered for days without food or rest, until he could walk no more and collapsed at the base of an ancient oak tree. That night Twigg had a dream, in which the spirit of the tree presented itself to him, and commanded him to take a branch from the tree, then walk east to the banks of the Wynarn River, fashion himself a spear using the tree branch, and to catch a fish with his spear. He was then to bring the fish back and bury it beneath the roots of the great oak, without letting even a drop of the oil touch his lips. When Twigg awoke the next morning, he did as he was told, and although he had not eaten in days, he buried the fish beneath the roots of the tree and went to sleep.

That night he had another dream, in which beneath the ground the fish multiplied into many fish, fed by the life-force of the tree. When he awoke the following morning, he dug for the spot he had buried the fish, and sure enough there was a bounty of fish in the spot where he had placed only one, and Twigg enjoyed a feast for the first time in nearly a week.

After this, Twigg began communing more often with the spirit of the oak tree, who revealed itself as one of the children of Oalian, high druid of the Wardens of the Wood. Twigg soon came to realize that there really was no difference between himself and the forest, that they were one and the same. It was upon this realization that Twigg found himself able to manipulate nature in a way he had only ever seen achieved by the elders of his tribe, and rarely even by them, by drawing upon the spirit of the forest.

It was not long before his oak told him of the ancient druidic sect called the Gatekeepers, and how for thousands of years, even before Oalian, they have been defending this plane from the outsiders that seek to invade it. He told Twigg that he was to become an agent of the gatekeepers, keeping watch over the Riverwood, keeping nature safe from the forces outside.

Twigg has been wandering the forest ever since, communing with plants and animals rather than finding a new tribe, or entering the world outside of the woods. He continues to wield the makeshift spear that he constructed himself, and wears armor he has crafted from a variety of animal hides. He has long ago abandoned his family name, “Galanodel,” and since he never selected an adult name, he thinks of himself only as “Twigg,” after the branch he took from the great oak to fashion his spear. He lives in harmony with the land, and does not leave the forest. He has seen members of other races only from a distance, and only with the assurance that he was the only one doing the seeing.

First Adventure:

Lately, Twigg has smelt something foul on the wind. The natural order has been disturbed… the laws governing the forces of magic are being meddled with. Several nights ago, he sensed a dark entity traveling east through the Riverwood. He followed this cloaked figure over several days through the forest and across the river, into territory he had never before explored. He followed the figure all the way to the great human city of Fairhaven. Twigg entered the city in the shape of a hunting dog in order to avoid notice, however found that upon his arrival his senses were dulled by the vast numbers of complex magical auras all vying for his attention at once in this enormous city. In all the confusion, the aura of corruption put off by his quarry was no longer as clear to him. The deeper he traveled into Fairhaven, the more his concentration was strained, until he could no longer hold his enchantment, and found himself unwillingly transforming back into his natural form… right in front of a very startled city guard… at which point he found himself promptly placed in the city prison, where he has stayed for the past two nights.

An alien to “civilized” culture, Twigg is unsure what to do from here, but knows that the disturbance in the force is still out there, and that he must get back on the trail of the dark wizard who led him here.

Aspect: Obligated to defend this plane from Outside Forces

Crossing Paths

Twigg sensed the shift in the natural order when Mr. White’s psionic powers were unlocked in a blast of power. He has been keeping an eye on Mr. White from the edge of the woods.

Aspect: Prefers watching from a distance to open confrontation

Crossing Paths Again

Whilst following the cloaked figure in Passage, Twigg came across the half-elf Kerstas, who appeared to be following the same adversary. Never having seen a half-elf before, he was puzzled and intrigued, as well as thrown off of his trail.

Aspect: Intrigued by / Uncomfortable around half elves


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