Mr. White

survived the orcish mines longer than his sanity did


High Concept:
loose psionic cannon

tenuous grip on reality

Great – magic (psionic)
Good – burglary, notice
Fair – stealth, fight, lore (monster languages)
Average – physique, contacts, will, deceive

Lore – speaks monster languages to the degree that they are common in orcish mines
Physique – iron stomach
Will – withstand torture
Burglary – pickpocket


Phase 1: aspect “you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry”
captured, worked until psyche cracked (and psionics gained) in orcish mines. twigg noticed disturbance in the force when said crack reverberated to forest.

Phase 2: aspect “big softie”
when tavitch got in over his head with dangerous gang, white mistook him for his son glenn and helped him hide.

Phase 3: aspect “mr. manners”
was a cellmate with jurian, advised him how to catch beetles and grovel for a plea deal. jurian wasn’t the most receptive student, instead scolding white on various points of etiquette, but ultimately a plea deal was reached. their paths crossed again when a drunk white was scraped off the rail tracks by jurian who put him in safe custody and took an interest in the case of his family’s capture.

~~~~~~~~~~ more verbose phase 1 ~~~~~~~~~~

mr white is worse for wear after being whisked away from his farm by marauding orcs and used as slave labor

initially he kept his sanity by chatting up the other slaves, including a number of humanoids, whose languages he would eventually learn by sheer volume of exposure

gradually he came to depend on moonshine and drugs cultivated by the slaves in their camp to make the days and indignities blur by

he stopped counting the days after surviving their mines for an unprecedented 10 years, at which point he kind of cracked.

he later found hope for a time in the promises of a fellow slave’s religion (a captured cleric of pelor). he was thus inspired to share his food with a “friend” (or as close as it came in the mines). the orcs noticed the friend’s relative surplus, assumed he stole it, and executed him on the spot.

the crack in his psyche deepened

the continued assault on white’s sanity, perhaps aided by the hallucinogens he took to make the mines tolerable, blurred the line of reality and fantasy, removing certain controls and boundaries minds are supposed to have

eventually mr. white’s behavior became too unstable for continued savvy survival in the mines. one fateful day, denied the comfort of drugs due to being recently traded to another camp, he stopped and stared comatose at the wall he was supposed to be working. his orc supervisor came over and whipped him 5 times with a scourge before he even blinked. suddenly, white felt the pain, grabbed the scourge in mid-swing, and let out an abrupt wail somewhere between a laugh, a groan of pain, and an angry yell. the rock behind him cracked, the slaves to either side were thrown to the length of their shackles, and the orc was thrown back into a crevasse and silenced by a stalagmite.

the other slaves seized the opportunity to break their chains and flee. white just stood there for about 45 minutes before waking to the realization that he was free, and nobody seemed to be coming for him. he casually chipped through his chain, ate some rations, dusted himself off, and eventually stood and walked to the nearest town.

he took what work he could unloading ships at the docks, though was picked last due to his age and failing health. asked his name, he opened his mouth, and realized he didn’t know it. “tagrushpa” came to mind (what the orcs derisively called him; the orc word for a particular large, food staple, pale white grub, or to refer to the color of that grub).

“uh… w-w-white…” he stammered.

“on deck with you then mr. white”, said the captain.

though unable to feed himself on spotty porter work, he transitioned seamlessly from slave camp to city underbelly; he simply continued to catch rats, scavenge garbage, and sleep wherever the ground was dryest.

unable to afford drugs, he was eventually lucid enough to dimly remember and wonder at his remarkable liberation.


he began to tentatively experiment with his newfound telekinetic powers, using them to steal, starting with scraps of food, then nicer shoes, then jewelry. eventually, emboldened by success, (and by being able to afford alcohol again), he tried to lift a crate off of a boat. the crate was too heavy, and clattered onto the dock, and his intense concentration and grunt was noticed.

(is the thieves’ guild after him as well now?)

his preferred drug is “sannish”, though falls back on “devilweed” or grain alcohol in a pinch.

Mr. White

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