Kerstas Rakehell

Keen-eyed sentry with a sharp blade, and a short fuse


High Concept:
Aspiring Covert Agent of the Dark Lanterns
Jumps to Conclusions
Great – Notice
Good – Fight, Stealth
Fair – Athletics, Investigate, Provoke
Average – Burglary, Deceive, Empathy, Will


Though she does not know it, Kerstas is the illegitimate daughter of Brelish Countess Yassiv ir’Oeskai and Red Owl, the legendary leader of the Xandrar area’s rebel Swords of Liberty cell. As an infant she was anonymously given up for adoption at the local church of the Sovereign Host, and then taken in by Bel Luth, a human Inquisitive for hire, who was investigating the Swords of Liberty. Recently rumors have been spread that Bel Luth is a member of the elite and secretive Dark Lanterns of the crown of Breland.

Kerstas works for the Warning Guild of House Medani as a sentry for hire. Despite the fact that she has not manifested the Mark of Detection, Kerstas has a knack for noticing irregularities and anticipating trouble. While this talent may sometimes make her seem dragonmarked, just as often it leads to hasty conclusions and impulsive acts.

First Adventures
The Warning Guild of House Medani first assigned Kerstas to a Bakker Merchant Company vessel bound for Sigilstar, in Thrane. As the vessel was being unloaded in Sigilstar, Kerstas noted that one of the stevedores slipped away from his duties to confer with a figure lurking in the shadows. Both the stevedore and his associate were well-armed. Concerned about the potential threat, Kerstas followed the two men. Her suspicions were confirmed when the two met four others, and exchanged various greetings that included coded hand-signals. Figuring the band was up to no good, Kerstas flagged down a Watchman, identified herself, and requested that a squad of the Watch be dispatched to investigate.

In the nearby textile district, the band cornered a formidable-looking young soldier of House Deneith’s Defenders Guild. A brutal fight ensued. Seeing that the Defender seemed to be holding his own, Kerstas directed the summoned squad of Watchmen to the melee. The squad lieutenant was shocked to find six dead bravos and a bloodied Defender named Jurian d’Sykes in their midst. The lieutenant subdued d’Sykes and took him into custody.

The entirety of the exchange was witnessed by d’Syke’s quarry, one Drago Karlach, reputed to be one of the Dark Daggers of Fairhaven in Aundair. Drago marked Kerstas for her involvement.

  • Kerstas has the aspect: She Knows Too Much

Later, the Warning Guild assigned Kerstas to sentry duty with a Bakker Merchant Company vessel on Lake Galifar between Xandrar in Breland, and Passage in Aundair. While on watch on the dock at Passage, Kerstas noted a pair of suspicious individuals, and overheard part of their conversation. She believed they were plotting against Aurala ir’Wynarn, the queen of Aundair. Eager to thwart the plot, Kerstas again abandoned her post to investigate the assumed conspirators. Unfortunately, the pair were deliberately set as a distraction to lure her away. In her absence, the merchant vessel was burglarized. Kerstas was disciplined by the guild for dereliction of duty.

During the guild investigation of the incident, Kerstas was questioned about what she had overheard. There were enough details to the apparent plot against the Aundairian crown in her testimony that it alerted the Dark Lanterns, agents of King Boranel of Breland. A Dark Lantern agent, who identified herself only as “Thorn”, interrogated Kerstas privately and requested that if she heard anything more about such plots in the future, that she report them immediately.

  • Kerstas has the aspect: A Friend on the Force

Maal Bakker of the Bakker Merchant Company, the operators of the vessel, was sympathetic to Kerstas’ plight after the burglary. He offered the following advice (quoted from a resource book he acquired from a most curious old man): “Never abandon your paying job.” Once the “old man” had departed, Kerstas informed her client that the seller of the book had been in disguise, and that it was likely that the book was a signal of some sort, or an historic work.

  • Kerstas has the aspect: Right for the Wrong Reasons

Kerstas Rakehell

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