Jurian d'Sykes

Determined member of the Defender's Guild of House Deneith


High Concept:
Determined fighter of the Defender’s Guild
Lords his position over others… “not good with the help”

Great – Fight
Good – Investigate, athletics
Fair – Physique, Will, Shoot
Average – contacts, lore, notice, resources

Phase 0 Aspect:
Willing to go all in. “In for a penny in for a pound”

Phase 1 Aspect:
Dragonmark of Passage

Phase 2 Aspect:
Curiosity sometimes over rides reason.


Family of Origin

Jurian’s father Erben Toriun was a Border Guard for House Deneith. While on duty one summer along the border of Thrane and Aundair he came into the community of Lathleer.

At a small hospital outside of town he took up a short stay to recover from an injury he sustained in a battle with brigands. Here he came into contact with a Ms. Juliona d’Caldamus. A young woman, a somewhat distant relation to the head of the Orien clan, who’s father was the Station Master in Lathleer. She was playing the role of nurse to injured men in the hospice. As a matter of course she tended to Erben’s wounds and as sometimes happen in these cases they fell for each other. During their trist Juliona became pregnant.

A scandal was started and she was whisked away to safer ground. The baby was allowed to be born due to a telling that said if the girl didn’t have the baby a great danger would be loosed upon the family. Jurian was born and turned over to some loyal servants to be raised. The Sykes raised Jurian. Upon coming of age he was told of his true family history. He kept the name Sykes because he was not allowed to change it. He did add the d’ as was his due, even though his grandfather Sithov d’Caldamus protested.


Jurian was shuttled off to a Deneith Military Academy at a young age. He trained at fighting and soldiering. In his later years he was trained as a body guard and investigator.

After gradutaion from the Academy he served out two years in the Blademarks. His industriousness paying off. He quickly took to the life of a guard and found himself serving on the Lightning Rail.

After two years of duty he was promoted to the Defenders Guild. Here he kind of topped out. His attitude and family history holding him back.

First Adventure

Jurian has traditionally worked the Lightning Rail Lines even having his turn in the steerage carts. However, his reputation as a “Heavy” Soon came to draw him into more complicated assignments.

One such mission was the apprehension of a murder suspect. On the Lightning Rail line between Aruldusk and Flamekeep a man named Gertan Brand had been slane in his compartment in the sleeping car.

The trail of the assassin lead to the city of Sigilstar.

As Jurian departed the Lightning Train into the city of Sigilstar at half past midnight he was caught off guard by the brightly lit streets. The illumination of the great crystal spires lighting the way.

Armed with a solid description and an artificer amulet of finding Jurian began his hunt.

It did not take long to get hot on the trail. At an out of way Tea House named The Cup of Light, owned by one Mss. Kahlia Karavastar, Jurian discovered the name and location of his prey.

A Karnathian named Drago Karlach who rented apartments some short distance from the Tea House in the textile district.

Drago had been here not two hours ago and visited his sometimes girl friend Draci. Apparently he left in a hurry without paying his tab and left the girl to cover it. With a bit of waving of his Defender’s badge around and offering a few coin Jurian was able to get all he needed.

Meanwhile Kerstas was following a known thief, one Tak with no known family name. The thief was suspsected of being involved in an organization plotting against the government. Tak met up with Five allies. She alerted an officer of the watch, and followed the gang.

Head strong and ready for action Jurian headed straight for the home of the assassin. Upon discovering the place he ran head long into a group of thugs. A local band whom apparently sometimes worked for Drago.

The band began to taunt Jurian. They surrounded him and looked to be ready to fight. Yet they didn’t engage. The Defender’s Guild obviously has a reputation. But the young brigands outnumbered Jurian and this bolstered their courage.

However, it wasn’t that bolstered. The band started to change their tone when Jurian’s blade came out. Instead of taunting they started to demean him and jibe him in hopes that he’d go away.

Finally it came down to it and it was either fight or flight. Jurian had an escape and the rogues looked menacing. They were a ragged group but he could tell they were savvy street fighters.

Yet in his mind Jurian could not walk away. He could not turn his back on duty and honor. But more than that he couldn’t let go the discounting remarks the rogues made about him and his station.

Interestingly enough these men weren’t aware of the arrangements made between the Defender’s Guild and House Orien for the recovery of the alleged assassin Drago.

A fight ensued and there was little to be done except slice, chop, kick, and spit. In the end six men lay dead and Jurian was beaten and bloody. The band of rogues all lay dead a good deal of his own life blood spilled upon the coble street.

Kerstas saw the trouble. This man Jurian, whom she would later learn his name, looked to be rough and ready sort. As he handled the gang with such a vicious manner. Kerstas hung back and awaited the officer of the watch. Kerstas saw the young female office coming and waved her to the secluded alley way where the fight was going on.

As he fell to his knees week from the fight his last vision was of a woman in city colors holding a long iron rod. She smacked him across the side of his head and the night lights of the city went out all at once.

When the fight was over Kerstas was busy drawing conclusions as part of her investigation.

Unknown to both Kerstas and Jurian, Drago had observed the entire encounter from a rooftop vantage. He marked Kerstas as "on the ‘to do’ list of the Dark Daggers.

Later, much later, Jurian awoke in a cell. Imprisoned with the common rif raf. As he awoke one begger asked him, “You gonna eat that beetle?” Jurian ignored them all. The prison cell in the dungeon of Sigilstar was a degrading experience. The begger his only companion. “You should grovel when they take you for trial”, Jurian’s companion recommended. His only other coherent advice was to, “Plead guilty so you can keep your fingernails.” This pathetic figure only referred to himself as Mr. White. Jurian could find little but disgust for the insane man.

After a trial was ran, the lawyers from House Deneith called in to represent him, Jurian was dismissed of all charges except one. A charge of “Public Brawling” found a guilty plea. The sentence suspended unless of course he should ever return to the city of Sigilstar.

Still later Jurian learned that Drago has been linked to a larger organization. The Dark Daggers of Fairhaven

The mission was a failure in all measure. Now Jurian finds himself assigned to the steerage carts far more often then he’d like.

Crossing Paths (1)
Jurian d’Sykes is called in to prepare Twigg, the prisoner, for transport to Fairhaven for futher interrogation. When as he takes him to the Lightning Rail for the 9pm run they are accosted by a man in a dark cloak. Jurian’s defense of Twigg however is vigourous just as the cloaked man is being pushed back and into a wall he pulls forth a Dragonshard intending to use it in some way when Jurian slashes down. The shard is broken and in the blast Jurian is knocked out. When he awakens he is Dragonmarked.

Aspect: Dragon mark of Passage

Cross Paths (again)
Jurian has been assigned to walk the Rail Way on guard duty… he often times has to roust people who are hanging around the tracks. When Jurian comes upon the lost and broken Mr. White, the same insane begger who served time in Sigilstar jail, Jurian rousts the begger without letting on that he recognizes him. However, recognition dawns in Mr. White’s eyes. Mr. White miss understands Jurian’s intent and starts following Jurian towards the Rail station. Unable to fully ignore this piece of meat, Jurrian can’t help but try to link the random mumbles of Mr. White into something coherent. His curiosity gets the better of him and before long he is deep in the investigation of what happened to Mr. White. He gets Mr. White into safe custody and continues to investigate based on the little information he can get from Mr. White. During the investigation in the local library he is visited by a man who tells him to let dead dogs lay and to lay off the investigation.

Sometimes curiosity over takes good reasoning.

Jurian d'Sykes

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